The first two posts have been quite a revealing expedition and a thrilling one too. I am immensely grateful for all your kind comments. Thank you.

Egypt’s ancient Prime Minister has taught us so far that a dream without 
a great work ethic backed by a purposeful, problem solving mentality is not a dream but a joke. However as splendid a duo work and adding value 
in a focused manner are, they do not bring home the bacon. They are a 
tag team that wins no accolades as Joseph buttressed in his own 

Let us look at his dream again. For, behold, we were binding sheaves in 
the field, and, lo, my sheaf arose, and also stood UPRIGHT.

His sheave standing upright means it stood tall, stood out, and was exceptional. For something to be exceptional, an extra must have been 
added, some kind of creativity would have been employed, and excellence 
would have been deployed. It means there was extraordinariness to his 
sheave relative to others. There was a touch that singled him out, a differentiation; he branded himself out of an ordinary pack.

Steve Job’s poured himself completely into his Apple dream. He went the whole nine yards, design, font and all. Today that brand stands outs amongst its contemporaries.

God had a dream for the world which took so much work and activation of 
systems to resolve issues but beyond that he pulled out all the stops to 
make the world stand out in its beauty. Till today, there is something about the rings of Saturn, the beauty of the rising and setting sun, butterflies flirting around flowers, stars lighting up the night like sparkling diamonds that stun the senses and take our breath away. He gave it His all! The universe is absolute perfection! He looked at his handiwork and agreed it was very good.

His dream of saving the world also took everything He had! Here he went extreme, took a risk that goes against the grain of things. Deities require the blood of their worshipers mostly in brutal ways but God did the converse. The sacrificial death of His Son still stands out and echoes through the 
aeons. The sheer brilliance of it dazzles through eternity and beyond.

A dream is not complete until we have given it our all, emptied ourselves in the pursuit of making it special. For our dreams to stand out we have to like King Midas give them that golden touch, a mark of distinction! Brand them with excellence until they shine like lone stars amongst their peers.