Edhi’s mother was very kind hearted and benevolent. He was also have same nature of her mother. In Holy month of Ramaadan;his mother used to make foodstuff for the people who were hungry and needy and Edhi used to help his mother in doing so. Then, his mother was used to send him in streets to throw foodstuff in the home of the people who were unable to meet the expenditure on food, through the windows of their home. Then his mother talk about this piece of welfare to the other wealthy women of Memon family. They followed the principle of ‘amal’ by first thinking about the poor people and helping them ,they also followed principle of ‘ek or ek giara’ by convincing other Memon ladies in doing so. They implemented the rule of team work and then in every Ramaadan it became their responsibility to provide foodstuff for the poor.

A migrated old man used to live in Masjid ,in the street next to my home. He lost his family members and relatives while trying to cross the border during the separation of Pakistan and india. From then to now he spent all his life in a mosque. He was very old and humble everyone in muhalla used to call him ‘baba ji’. In every Ramadan my mother used to send me to mosque along with a plate having pakoory and other foodstuff for Aftari for baba ji. Whenever, any special dish was made in anyone’s home at muhalla they send him to baba ji to taste it.That’s why i choose this example from Edhi’s life that it was very close to my childhood memory and after reading this example from his life it reminds me of that baba ji.

At that time, I was only 10 years old and I used to give him food because the smile on his face and his humbleness was something more than happiness that was reflection of amal’s principle ‘khudi’ gave me internal happiness and that was everything for me.

From my and Edhi’s example I think internal happiness is more than anything in the world. First try to become internally happy by following the principle of khudi i.e knowing yourself .people should try to help others as much as possible to become successful in life.