I was always afraid of driving. whenever i used to sit on driving seat it makes me feel that the car coming towards me is gonna hit me. So, one of my major goal in my life was to learn how to drive a car and how to overcome this fear of mine. Driving always scare me.

I always dream of having my own car and driving it. I want to become an independent woman without having dependency on anyone. Generally, it requires a lot of courage to convince oneself that everyone who is sitting on driving seat and driving a vehicle

Whenever, i talk about my dream my parents always seem to be unhappy because they used to think that i am a girl having non serious behavior and careless, and I cannot handle a car.my father used to say; ‘it is just a temporary dream and you will lost your interest very soon’. Moreover, i belong to a middle class family where girls having that kind of dream are considered liberal and stubborn.so convincing my father was a reak challenge for me.

Then, i think, first of all i should get confidence of my family and should try to convince them through proper conversation and argue. And i mull over it and come up with an idea of these suggestions. First of all i think i should have to get rid of this feeling of fear. Then, i think i should search up for someone who can encourage me, and can teach me how to drive so i talk to my father and try to convince him as he is very friendly to me. As he is very good driver so he tought me how to drive and how to overcome my fear of driving. Then, i think i should continue my practice over and over again to have confidence that i can derive well.

It was really difficult for me to sit on a driving seat and to learn how to drive. It seems that the every car coming in front of me will surely hit me it was my biggest fear. My father has less temperament and often used to scold me whenever I engage wrong gear or release clutch improperly. Moreover, convincing my father that there is nothing to be shameful for the girl to know how to drive was a big and real challenge for me.

From my experience of learning driving, i must say that if a person is determined to anything he must be stick to his goal unless he achieves that goal. Achieving anything big requires efforts and lots of hardship it’s the choice of the person whether remain stick to his fear or to overcome his fear by facing the challenges.

In future i am dreaming of having my own girls driving school where girls can learn driving without paying so that every woman have this skill so that they become independent woman and by driving some vehicles they can start earning if they really want.

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