After the initial release in BlizzCon (I still can’t believe I was there), I’ve been avoiding ANY information like the plague. Not reading on what happened, not reading on covenants, not reading on the lore of shadowlands… Nothing at all. Well, okay, except glancing a couple of articles from, but nothing significant story-wise.

I watched the SL cinematic of course (several times), I read Shadows Rising [my review] and I watched the animated shorts. It’s been hard, I have to say. Both in terms of effort but also because I WANT TO KNOW! But the pre-patch has come so, well, it’s about time. …

Welcome to my third and final suggestion brainstorm article for Phasmophobia. Well, at least final for now. In my first two articles, I respectively talked about changing the predictability of the game and improving some difficulty and general gameplay elements. This time, we’ll talk about game modes. Grab your coffee! I’ve already have a cold one in front of me and I’m ready to go!

(No, not a beer and not a cold brew. Just regular coffee that’s cold since I prepared when I started editing the second article…)

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Game Modes

Phasmophobia currently offers a single way of playing. You go into a room with people (public or private game), you select one of the contracts that the game randomly offers. Your account has money and an inventory, you choose what you want to bring in before the mission starts. …


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