Online Maths and Science lessons are here!

Cant find the videos based on CAPS?

As the internet develops we go move on to the online world where physical classes might even die out. We now see how we can order food, gifts and even cars online and therefor online maths and science classes dont seem that impossible.

Now you can get videos specified on the caps curriculum and not search the internet for hours on end just to find a single video about a small problem you are having​​​​​​​.

Online skype maths and science lessons

We now have one on one private Skype lessons for students which have a duration of 1 hour per lesson any time of the day. Lessons will be scheduled according to times that suit the student and tutor.

​​​​​​​Included in Skype maths or science lessons

1 on 1 Private Skype Lesson

If you get bored with watching a video of a person explaining and not being able to ask questions or having to wait days before getting your problem solve then we have the solution.​​​​​​​

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