5 ways to be happy

As a teen when I was asked my goal in life, I never knew what career I would like to pursue. All I said was my goal was to be happy in life. Now that I have grown up, I am proud that even if I did not realize it then, my goal was the most reasonable one. Happiness is not abstract. It is the pleasant sensations in the mind. It is more of a body chemistry and its not so difficult to attain.


First thing that effects your happiness is your mood which is determined by what you eat, how much you sleep and how active you are. The day I have a good long sleep, I feel refreshed after waking up. If I go shopping, it lifts my mood because I am very active. Eating my favorite food makes me feel better. A healthy body leads to a happy mind.


A flexible schedule can keep you away from frustrations. Doing things when you want to do and not when its the right time to do it makes a lot of difference. If you have flexible working hours, you work when you have the maximum energy and end up being much more productive. A midnight snack craving satisfied at the same time is sure to get a big smile. I feel like going on a drive today but plan to go on a weekend makes no sense. I never know if I would be happy about the drive on weekend. Being flexible in your approach, spontaneity and trying to do whatever you feel like is one of the ways to achieve happiness

Being Progressive

New parents are sleep deprived, not at all flexible in schedule yet they are happy with their kids. The reason being they see themselves as progressing in life and feel proud of it. Even at work if you choose to do the same for a long time, unhappiness and dissatisfaction takes over you. No matter how much you earn, doing better always makes you feel better. It is not where you are but where you are heading to which makes you happy.Playing a sport is a great example because you always keep improving and move towards higher scores.Doing things you can steadily improve at will always make you happy.

Help Others

Once you have helped yourself, helping others without any selfish motives gets you at peace. This is because you feel you were capable enough to help someone. It boosts your self esteem and gives you pleasure.

Positive Imagination

Even if you don’t really believe it, just imagine yourself to have a better future.Pessimissm is due to lack of imagination. Daydreaming is an excellent source of happiness. If you dream of a better future, you will be happy today. A billionaire who imagines being bankrupt will never be happy. On the other hand, a poor imagining sitting in a BMW will be positive and smiling. When you don’t know of what is going to happen in future, its best not to ruin your present thinking negative.

Being happy or not is not dependent on your enviornment but on your choices alone.