Taking Time Off

We live in a world that in which being always busy is a sign of status. Even when there are many studies that indicate the importance of leisure and preparation -sharpening the saw, they call it.

I’ve met many people that proudly share how they work long hours or how little they sleep. Success waits for no one, apparently, but clearly there must be a better way.

During the past few days I decided to take some days off and travel home to visit my parents. My dad has this really old computer, probably from the early 2000's and somehow he manages to still make it work.

Truth is, I decided to pay attention this time and compare with my own work laptop. My laptop is always on, working and probably I turn it off once a month with maybe weekly restarts. It’s getting slow after 1 year.

My dad spends time regularly giving maintenance to his computer, turns it off when he is not using it and even though it is clearly from a different era, it is there doing its job.

If this makes such a high impact on a laptop, imagine if we actually took time to reboot our minds, update ourselves once in a while and got enough rest.

It was hard for me to disconnect from work during the first day, but after that the time was spent exactly in what I wanted and needed. I think it was a worthwhile investment, with people that always give me renewed energy. When was the last time you took some time off?

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