Give McDonald’s a break…in fact, give everyone a break

Often times it’s easy to spot an angry customer at a fast food joint or department store railing at the employee about something or other they did “wrong.” Have you ever sat there and wondered “is it really that big of a deal?” And almost 100% the answer is: it’s not.

Sure, it’s frustrating sometimes when the order comes out wrong or the price isn’t as shown, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of the world.

I just witnessed the most unnecessary hissy fit thrown by an older man at the McDonalds drive thru. Now, when I say at the drive thru, I mean at the drive thru. This man pulled up in his car right next to mine (where I’m paying for my meal) hops out of his car and storms right up to the window. (It should be noted that this man also was lugging his oxygen tank behind him). I have just received my change and he gives me this sort of look and I smile awkwardly and nod. I quickly rolled up my window because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

The man then turns on the little teenage girl running the cash window and begins screaming at her about his meal. Now, all my windows were rolled up but this man was screaming loud enough for me to hear him clearly (and from what I heard later the rest of the staff in the kitchen could here him too). His screaming was about his meal and how “when he orders a double quarter pounder with cheese and pays extra for the cheese he expects to get his f*cking cheese” and how “he’s sick and tired of McDonald’s always f-ing up his order.” The poor girl behind the window still hasn’t had a chance to speak yet as he continues to scream and shout and say he won’t get back in line to wait and get it fixed. Finally the girl is able to squeak out to please not yell at her and she goes to get the manager.

This entire time I’m sitting in my car, wishing I could video the entire thing as he’s causing a massive scene, but terrified in case he turned on me instead.

Finally the manager appears and asks him what the problem is. He launches into another angry rant, repeating himself as the manager nods and takes it. When he stops for a breath of air, she asks him for the burger and tells him that if he will drive his car around to the front and come inside that she will fix it.

This sends him into a whole other rant about how he, the customer, shouldn’t have to go inside to get his error from the drive through fixed. After a few more minutes of arguing he finally surrenders the burger, storms back into his car, and whips around the building.

At this point I’ve finally moved in line to get my food. After I get my food I pull up to the little trash can that they have just past the window to toss some trash and I can still see the man inside having a fit. That was the rest I saw, but it inspired me to write a little piece about it.

This man is a perfect example of what several fast food and retail employees have to suffer through daily because the customer they are serving seemingly doesn’t believe they are a person and have feelings too. There’s the saying “the customer is always right”, which is true, but there’s no such thing as “the customer should be an ass to the employee because there was a tiny mistake.” Majority of the time minor problems like this can be easily fixed without drama or a scene. There’s no reason to be rude to an employee regardless of what the problem is. (Unless the employee like, punches your baby in the face. Then maybe you can fight them).

There is such a plethora of things in this world that can make a person that furious, but a stupid sandwich should not be one of them. There are people in poverty that would feel blessed to even have the sandwich let alone care if there was extra cheese or not.

The end game here is that people need to learn to treat retail and food service people with more patience and understanding. Coming from someone who worked at Walmart for six months, it’s not an easy job. Food service is arguably harder because then there are people like Cheeseburger Man who throw hissy fits in the drive thru lane because their burgers are messed up. (Maybe he should have gone to Burger King instead. Then he would have had it his way).

But in all seriousness, people, please be more respectful to the people who serve you at stores and restaurants. They have lives and feelings too and they don’t get paid enough to suffer through customers with a bad attitude. So please, give McDonalds, and everyone, a break.