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Designed by Sophie Louise Hurley-Walker

As Nicolas Colin said in his newsletter “employee equity is critically important because startups are driven by increasing returns to scale. […] [But] because there are so few exits, stock options remain a very abstract concept for most people working in tech startups in Europe.”

Sharing company capital with employees requires indeed specific knowledge in human resources, law, tax and finance in order to get a clear understanding of how it works. It is an art rather than a science, and entrepreneurs thinking about their ESOP need to answer a lot of questions such as:

  • How much equity should I give to whom?
  • Which legal tools should I use?
  • How to fix the price employees need to pay to buy the shares?
  • What happens if the employee leaves the company?
  • How do things work for employee working abroad?

At Ekwity, we help entrepreneurs in answering those questions. We design plans that fit their business needs and support them in creating and providing clear communications with their team.

Why do we do it? Because we think that sharing the capital and educating people on the financial benefits could help create a virtuous and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem. But employee ownership is a confusing world. That is why we are super happy to share the Ekwity library with you!

We have curated, regrouped and classified 100+ best resources out there in English.

You will find relevant information:

  • To get a global overview on the question
  • To understand how to size your employee stock options program
  • To finally understand the impact in terms of dilution…

And many more.

To access our Ekwity Library just fill out this form below and receive the access to the library via email — enjoy! 😉

If you see interesting articles, feel free to share them with us: contact@ekwity.co. Then we can keep the library up to date and improve it thanks to your recommendations and help!

Ekwity’s mission is to help entrepreneurs to share the value with their team. Our goal is to save entrepreneurs’ time and hassle while providing the best assistance in designing and implementing a tailor-made employee stock options program (ESOP).

We provide:

  • Comprehensive knowledge base of benchmarks/best practices in employee equity throughout Europe
  • Advisory services with the best experts to set up a company’s employee option program based on their specific business needs
  • Training on employee equity from general introduction to the creation of specific communication material for your in-house teams

Interested in our services? Contact us now!

Share the value with your team, for real.

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