It takes time

Things do take time,and by things i mean every single thing, really, nothing exactly happens in blink of an eye, except its magic but even then, behind a good magic was a great effort put in by the magician, and guess what,efforts takes time to manifest too. This had equally taken me time to realize the seemingly common truth, a natural law that can never be broken. I always thought that maybe it was possible to get all I wanted at once like right now, if i just did a few things right, i was so lost in the desire to make things happen immediately, that i failed terribly to realize the beauty of allowing things to happen at its own pace while appreciating the present. There is perfection and peace in working, praying and waiting for things to happen at its appropriate time. It does get difficult, yes i have been there, but learning to wait, work and pray for things to happen at its own time builds us up and tends to prepare us for whatever challenges that comes with our long awaited desires. Sometimes even, those things we really do think we need, if we wait patiently for the right time, in the process, we would come realize that they weren’t really good for us, or it wasn’t what we truly needed. It completely does take courage to let things happen at its own time, especially when we live in a world in which no one really knows tomorrow. One thing you should bear in mind is that , no one rushes time, if that happens, things crash easily, but work, pray and wait for the right time, and when it comes you would know. Learn to appreciate and enjoy the present for it never happens twice, live for today, hope for tomorrow.