Wow, It’s Official — The Subscription Model is Coming to Medium…
Dakota Shane

I pay for things I use.

The Wall Street Journal is roughly $200/year or $17/mo which still includes ads but also comes with a very broad array of curated & edited content.

Wikipedia is free, but I pay $5/mo because I think it’s fair. I use it all the time and insert links to their site in my social posts. It’s a good site.

The EFF does great work and I support them with $25/mo because it’s a cause for which I believe strongly.

Creative Commons gets $5/mo because they have created something useful that I use and include in my photography and videography projects frequently.

Boing Boing and Hacker News are harder. I try to participate on Hacker News and frequently investigate advertisers on Boing Boing.

So…Medium is good, but it isn’t WSJ or NYT good.

It’s probably more like Wikipedia good.

Which makes me think I would be willing to chip in $5/mo if the went subscription.