A brief overview of our fruitful third week. We started implementing last week’s feedback on our prototype, we are working on a Leadsclusive website, joined a social networking event and conducted several interviews. Ánd we are on our way to launch the landing page of our second, paying customer! Let’s say that we are shaken up by the speed of the course!

Implementing feedback

Prototyping our proposition and landing page led to some great insights in how both customers and consumers perceive our service. Especially the feedback on our landing page made us realize that there is some great redesigning to be done. Rick is currently working a new design that aims to clarify the purpose of the landing page and enhance the perception of trustworthiness.


With launch day in mind, we agreed that we could benefit from an official company website. Not only in order to provide information on our company, but potentially also as a means to acquire customers. Subsequently, Anton and Jeroen took on the noble task of designing our company website: leadsclusive.com.

Social networking

Challenge 3 is all about social networking and getting experts to give us advise on our business. And there is no greater place for networking than the Venture Café in Rotterdam! On Thursday evening, Lotte and John went out to meet entrepreneurs, business veterans, investors, marketing experts and inspiring personalities. After some interesting interviews (more on those next week), we realized we were not the only Entrepreneurial Lab students who came for a good conversation and a free drink! And so, we ended up doing a workshop on high speed prototyping and failure with our fellow students. Just like in class :)

Customer Service

Probably the most exciting news: This week led to our second paying customer! This entails that besides the responsibilities for the Entrepreneurial Lab course, we are occupied with coding the official landing page, running the AdWords campaign, dealing with things as cookie statements, and many more foreseen and unforeseen issues. Exiting indeed!

We keep you updated, have a great weekend!