Week 5: An ending and a beginning

After five weeks of sweat, blood and tears we finally reached the conclusion of the course. In this final week we pulled the last punch towards an amazing business model and (hopefully) a top grade for this course.

This week started pretty well with another paying customer who was willing to experiment with our business case. We build him a great looking website and are promoting this page for him through Rick and Jeroen R’s amazing SEO and SEA insights!
Additionally we started advertising our personal websites (leadsclusive.nl & ikwilmeerwerk.nl) in google and Facebook as well.

The main focus of this week however has been on presenting our business case for the jury of the Erasmus center of entrepreneurship. Our presenters; Lotte, Jeroen & Jeroen, did numerous trial runs to get the presentation down perfectly. 
Gauging the reactions and the feedback the jury gave us, we felt that we delivered a strong concept.

However, we also received a lot of feedback and criticism. The jury also told us that they’ve got some experience with online marketing and that they feel that this market is saturated in The Netherlands. From this we concluded that we need to be more disruptive than we expected.

Overall we learned a lot of talking with experts!

This statement is of course applicable for the entire course. We feel that this course was among the most interesting and enjoyable in our master programs. Conclusively we want to thank our coordinator Luca Berchicci for this unique period in our studies!

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