Proflexoral Review — Relief from Osteoarthritis?

Elena Roberts
May 1 · 3 min read

Osteoarthritis might be the most common form of arthritis, but it’s still a majorly depressing influence. As we age, many factors tend to have a depressing influence on our lives and health. Along with osteoarthritis, general joint pain and destroyed cartilage can limit our mobility to a large extent.

Not everyone wants to take prescription medicines, so it makes sense to try something like Proflexoral for pain relief. We’ll discuss this further below:

About Proflexoral

Proflexoral is a nutritional supplement from the company Healthy Living Association. It’s especially geared towards providing pain relief for those with joint pain. The most common target here is osteoarthritis. If taken properly, it might have the ability to target no less than 8 health issues.

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Where Proflexoral Can Help Us

If we or someone we know is suffering from the following issues, Proflexoral would likely be able to help out in some manner:

Joint stiffness and pain, which could be caused by either movement or internal damage.

• Cell inflammation, which could be the cause of joint issues and several other health problems

• Limited mobility, again caused by stiffness

• Damaged or worn-away cartilage, which could lead to scraping joints and pain. Proflexoral can help to replenish the cartilage for a smoother movement

• Constant pain, which might limit our social activity and normal lifestyle

Ingredients of Proflexoral

In order to understand how Proflexoral and whether it’s safe for us, knowing about the ingredients is a good idea. According to the official website and the order page, these include the following:

• Turmeric — This is one of the best natural ingredients for lowering joint pain, soothing inflammation, and dealing with other symptoms of osteoarthritis.

• Ginger — Taking about 170 to 500 mg of ginger every day could possibly reduce pain related to arthritis within three months.

• Glucosamine — About 500 to 1500 mg of these ingredients might also be helpful when combating osteoarthritis and similar issues.

• Chondroitin — This works especially well in conjunction with glucosamine in relieving pain caused by most forms of arthritis.

• Boswellia Serrata Extract — Also known as frankincense, this is an ancient ingredient that’s commonly used for dealing with joint pain

Cost of Proflexerol

The cost of Proflexerol per bottle depends on how much we buy at a time. We can get a 90-capsule single bottle for about $39.99, shipping included. Four bottles at once would cost $29.75 each, while a seven-pack would mean the price goes down to $22.85 per unit.

We can also opt for auto ship, which will give us a bottle every month automatically, deducting $29.99 each time.

No matter what kind of order we place, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this product. The time limit for this isn’t mentioned on the official website, but we can always contact support to find out more.

Conclusion — Is Proflexoral Worth It?

The research and ingredients for Proflexoral do seem to have a positive effect on joint pain, especially when it comes to osteoarthritis. As long as we clear it with our doctor and make sure it doesn’t clash with any medication we’re taking, trying out this supplement could be a logical step. Let’s head over to the official website and place an order for the best value package now!

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