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Fuck you Facebook. That’s What This Election Taught Us
Michael Abehsera

But it’s his job to do that? I mean if you have tools in hand to do it by yourself, why put all the weight of the fault of disinformation on Facebook?

If a voter can’t ctr+V, open a side window to a search engine, ctrl+P, and enter, he is just a lazy one. If he like to stay inside of his little world of lies, that could go to either way, is his or her or hex right to stay there if he please to.

Also you have to know that true is relative sometimes as some of the wrongdoings of Clinton as some of the things Trump has done can be tag as legal omitting that it could be unethical or morally wrong. Also, it could present the true in a way that favors one candidate.

It’s for the best leaving to the voters to learn in the best way about their candidates on their own way that having a central organization that monopolize truth as in this way the truth could be relative to the bias of it.