Enjoy your moment, because in a few shorts weeks she’s going to be your ass-kicking, dress-suit-wearing, woman-in-charge, fully-capable president.
Confessions of a Misogynist
Sean Howard


  • She would kick your ass on November 8th.

>She becomes president
>Continuation of Obama’s policies, but with an extra spice of private intervention (those donations weren’t free)
>Most of her plan stuck on Congress. Oh well, she tried.
>She tried again with the tools she had. Only cosmetic and meaningful changes are made.
>Polarization of the country facilitates a victory to the next Trump
>The end.

  • She loses. Trump wins

>Both parties have to work together to control the “Trump menace.”
>Trump supporters learn from experience (the only way)
>Both sides make significant changes to avoid another Trump
>Things get awesome!