Trump poses a mortal threat.
A Note to Trump Supporters…
Mikel Jollett

Either candidate it’s a danger for the country. The only thing that makes Hillary’s supporters brag of their moral superiority is the fact that Trump is more open and direct with his opinions and way of thinking. Hell, you can easily find if the man is plain lying to you, but in the case of Hillary is always “it was not ilegal (but still inmoral or unethical)” “I don’t remember” or there is the need of a deep investigation to find the shady parts of her past.

You can cry all what you want about the Wikileaks involvement in the election, but the reason to them to leak more about Hillary than Trump is because is more easy to find flaws on Trump than in the intricate past of Hillary. If you want to keep Hillary as a Saint is up to you, but even when she doesn’t violated the law, mostly because of technicalities or childish excuses (the others did it too — but nevertheless I was aware that it was plain wrong to do it), she still did in fact unethical and shady thing in her past.

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