How the fuck can the person who speaks volumes about the empathy potential of VR co-found a political organization with direct ties to white supremacy? And to do it in secret?
Now Would Be A Good Time For Oculus and Valve To Quadruple Their Investment In Diversity
Cody Brown

He is an ordinary person who can freely decide how to spend his money and even decide if he wants to make public his political affiliation and ideology. Angry because of that? Nobody cares.

This maybe a butthurt to Hillary supporters and other Trump haters that may make this a big thing out of proportions, but in reality it isn’t. Are you angry about this little secret? Maybe he knew the backlash it would carry sharing this to the public, and this is the proof of that.

Are you angry because he had anything to do with your VR machine? Well, you can, but remember that he didn’t use politics to make it. There isn’t a swastika on it, or it wasn’t meant to hurt anybody, so why punish the machine or the industry as a whole? You can disagree with his choice or hate the guy, but why punish a piece of plastic and metal?

Still, I don’t know how this VR machine is not diverse enough as anybody can buy it, or make things with it. The only thing may be the price, so putting more effort in making more affordable would be good. So bad the inventor of the Oculus and the VR industry are now racist, well keep saving everyone.

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