Hillary Clinton and DynCorp: The untold story of the 15 year-old belly dancer


In 2009, DynCorp employees hired a 15-year-old adolescent boy to strip dance for them. Sadly for DynCorp, the attendees recorded the whole thing, and one copy ended up in the hands of a reporter who started to investigate the case.

The actual location of video is still unknown, but thanks to a leaked e-mail by Wikileaks we know what happened that day:

The event described is also know as bacha bazi” (boy-play). It’s a pre-Islamic Afghan tradition, banned by the Taliban, where boys as young as ten are passed around a group of middle-aged men for their sexual gratification with the possibility to lead to the auction of the young boys. The State Department has called bacha bazi a “widespread, culturally accepted form of male rape.”

In a leaked cable from the US embassy in Afghanistan, the Afghani interior minister apparently went to US officials to warn them that reporters were sniffing around this story and was horrified that a rumored videotape of the party might surface. He urged them to try to kill the story and specifically warned that this would look bad if the connection to DynCorp were made clear (he called them “foreign mentors”).

Apparently, US diplomats told him not to worry, and the story was in fact watered down substantially. In the end, the story got published, and the whole thing ended up as a teenage boy hired to perform a “tribal dancer” which, as the now leaked e-mail stated, it wasn’t true. Here is the Guardian with the story:

US diplomats cautioned against an “overreaction” and said that approaching the journalist involved would only make the story worse.

“A widely-anticipated newspaper article on the Kunduz scandal has not appeared but, if there is too much noise that may prompt the journalist to publish,” the cable said. The strategy appeared to work when an article was published in July by the Washington Post about the incident, which made little of the affair, saying it was an incident of “questionable management oversight” in which foreign DynCorp workers “hired a teenage boy to perform a tribal dance at a company farewell party”.

But here it’s where Hillary appeared

After learned about the media involvement, Cheryl D. Mills, while being Counselor of the United States Department of State, sent an e-mail to Hillary Clinton to “heads up” about the scandal, stating the importance of dealing with the story before it went public.

DynCorps had very bad records already. It was involved in a sex and human trafficking scandal in Bosnia in 1999 and also where included in a investigation made by The Chicago Tribune in 2005 about the government cover up of child trafficking made by military contractors.

From the Huffington Post about the Bosnia incident:

Later in 2004, DynCorp was involve in a child pornography video scandal in Colombia — By the Huffington Post:

“In October 2004 it was revealed that DynCorp contract workers operating at Tolemaida Air Base in Colombia distributed a video in which they could be observed sexually violating underage girls from the town of Melgar. This video was even sold on the main streets of Bogotá. Nonetheless, the Lawyers’ Collective of Colombia has not learned of any criminal investigation undertaken in relation to these acts involving minors. According to follow-up work carried out by the Lawyers’ Collective it was discovered that one of the minors involved in the videos committed suicide some time after the publication of them.”

Later in 2008, it was involved in a prostitution scandal that ended the life of one worker — By the Huffington Post:

“DynCorp’s site manager was involved in bringing prostitutes into hotels operated by DynCorp. A co-worker unrelated to the ring was killed when he was traveling in an unsecure car and shot performing a high-risk mission. ‘I believe that my co-worker could have survived if he had been riding in an armored car. At the time, the armored car that he would otherwise have been riding in was being used by the contractor’s manager to transport prostitutes from Kuwait to Baghdad.’”

And also was the time when the State Department “lost” $1 billion it paid out to DynCorp to train police during the first years of the Iraq war. The ironic part was that Jack Lew, Hillary’s right hand, was appointed to look into the case.

There is not proof that Hillary Clinton was involved in any ways in an operation to kill the story or to “tone it down.” However, this e-mail is evidence that Hillary Clinton and the State Department were aware of this scandal, and still, they continued to work in close collaboration with DynCorp. They even granted DynCorp a contract to provide support for the Criminal Justice Program Support (CJPS), which ironically involved teaching people about criminal justice and law enforcement.

Maybe it was because of the financial ties that DynCorp had with Hillary that the State Department overlooked these scandals and others that were investigated when Bill was president. Only in this election cycle alone, Cerberus Capital Management, the parent organization of DynCorp, gave $40,628 to her campaign and many more to the DNC.

Hillary Clinton may be in favor of women and children, but If she is still able to accept donations stained with the blood, tears and sweat of the victims of a questionable corporation as DynCorp, How we can trust her? How we can be sure her ideals won’t be corrupted by big money? Is this the only hope that America have?



Tree hugger | Independent | Husky lover | Profile picture made by Fiona Hsieh.

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Marcus Oliveira Spiegelma

Tree hugger | Independent | Husky lover | Profile picture made by Fiona Hsieh.