who supposedly led the charge in the war against Black women — who dare to ruin the sanctity of classic movies that typically feature robust White actors who are commissioned to help keep the hopes and dreams of White men alive.
Why the Societal Harassment Of Leslie Jones Exposes the Ugly Black Woman Syndrome
Ezinne Ukoha

It was not much the fact that she was black or a woman, many were just furious of how the studio used their nostalgic treasure without the proper respect. It could easily have been the story of how the old generation passed the torch to this new all-female generation of Ghostbusters, but it wasn’t the case. The old Ghostbusters were reduced to mere cameos and this movie transformed itself into a reboot even when the trailer stated that this new movie and the others had some connection. THe fans ended feeling betrayed and deceived.

The worst thing came later when any negative review of the film was tagged as racist and made by a bigot. After all, the movie was perfect. I am talking about negative well informed, and fact supported reviews that only because dared to exist were attacked and discarded.

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