Photos: Berkeley Protest Against White-Supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos
Cirrus Wood

The Other face of the Berkeley “protest”

The aftermath

Graffiti on the walls

Even when the police didn’t attacked the protestors they have to leave their “opinions” on the walls of the city.

Then, the classic “Anarchy” symbol and the new (?) “Antifa Zone” marks.

Destruction of Private Propety

I can not understand why vandalize ATMs that the “people” use to get their money. This can be a small burden to Big Banks, but to the normal foe is a bigger problem. It only mean spend more time inside the banks.

Thanks protestors!

Finally the broken windows, not only in big banks as in another small businesses.

So, who is going to pay for this?

The daddies of the protestors?

The protestors themselves?

That’s why you never see people protesting in or near their properties. Why they couldn’t protest in a peaceful way as other groups have done in the others Milo events? 5 minutes of fame on the local tv? SHAME!