1) have Hillary talk about her plans and qualifications, (2) show us the real, human Hillary we never get to see, and — most important — (3) show us the enthusiastic Hillary supporters who are never heard from
Jeff Jarvis

These three points are somewhat redundant at this point. About the first point, Hillary had already done that during the whole campaign. Furthermore, that is what the media is always talking about when they compare both candidates. So at this point, I don’t think it would make any difference. Everybody knows she is the brain and the other the hair.

Then how we can have a human image of Hillary if she was always using a script since the beginning of the campaign. She was somewhat artificial and always changing as a chameleon looking to maximize her possibilities while Trump was the majority of the time off script, more sincere. (He could have said the most horrible things but still was more human than robot Hillary).

Finally, we know the Hillary supporters, but in the end for the media they are boring. They are ordinary people that speak their mind while, on the other part of the idle, we have some radical Trump supporters than talk and think more out the box. That sells and the media know it that’s why they have Trump-related news 24/7. They are controversial, easy to make fun of and even easy to find.

In the end, all this struggle is the blame of the Democratic Party for choosing the hard way with Hillary. Bernie has the number in their favor in a race with Trump because he was also an outsider and also speak the things openly and natural. If Trump wins in November, it would be them to blame and Hillary herself as leaving her shady past as an easy way for a Trump presidency.

God save the country.