Why my Facebook feed ain’t a newsfeed
Pierre Foucart

Today’s “News” problem

The MSM is so biased these days that everyone knows where to go to find a particular type of news: Pro-Hillary — MSNBC // Pro Trump — FOXNews. It’s that simple. So, when people start to distrust the traditional media outlets because of their bias start to look to other sources of “news,” that’s where Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube began to replace them.

In the particular case of Facebook, it was kind of intentional. Since many years before the election, it started to modify itself to integrate news outlets in their users feeds. It was all to keep more users on the site, but it was badly implemented and let the doors open to fake news posts. It prompted popular news posts rather that all new post that the news outlet made to be rushed to the feeds of the users and let anyone to become a “news source.”

It’s really a disaster. In my personal opinion, no one should rely in social media to get news as their main purpose it is not to inform, it’s to sell ads.