So, say it with me: “Hillary Clinton lost because of sexism.” And now, once again, loud enough for the tone-deaf people in the back.
Hillary Clinton Lost Because of Sexism. Say It.

WRONG! (Thanks for allow me to type it again)

Reducing all her, the DNC and her base mistakes in the single argument “because she was a woman” is just plain wrong and insulting to anyone that followed the campaign from the beginning.

“Crooked Hillary” is a bad argument not only because in the primaries other Republican candidates were also victims of name calling and nicknames as Lying Ted, so she was not the only one that was vilified by a nickname. If you analyze Hillary´s nickname, you could find that the only other word is Crooked. Is crooked an adjective only used on women? no. Is crooked a sexist thing to a woman? no. So where is the sexism here? The word crooked was used mainly as an easy way to generate a short easy chant.

If you had used “nasty women,” things would have been a little different. However, even then, it would ignore the fact that many women voted for Trump and the fact that the main reason for voters to elect Trump was:

A) Total reform of ObamaCare, as for many of them considered that Hillary would only mean a continuation of the program with the same problems. It was her fault for not reach to the voter or to not explain well her reform proposition to them.

B) Manufacturing jobs, as many of the rust belt voters, were against a continuation of the globalist agenda of Obama and the increasing environmental regulation. Even when most of them like to have clean water and breathable air, jobs were a priority for them.

In the campaign, the main complaint of the people was that she was a liar and corrupt. So, where is the sexism?