Dear Random Internet Man,

You could be arrogant, but that opinion is also shared with others uterus’ card holders. So, don’t be so braggy about it because the other hold a penis’ card.

The abortion controversy is a very problematic discussion as it is because Meanwhile women can say they have a right to speak up all that they want about this topic the other actor that play a part in the discussion is unable to speak up. So, when others tried to speak up in their behalf women’s groups tried to silent them in the grounds of their lack of a lady’s card or the absurdity of the idea of a fetus to have any right in the conversation about abortion.

My body, my choice it’s the same to say “only I matter.” Many of them would think it twice before to support that if their existence would be at stake (don’t tell me that they wouldn’t fight for being able to live). It’s like in the military draft scenario where feminist scream for equality for women in the battlefield, but when it’s time to include them in the draft they start to cry that “that part of feminism isn’t what they support.”

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