S., 32-year-old working mother with four children

I reached a point where I don’t care anymore about those missiles and bombs that are dropping and destroying everything. My suffering is because of the rise in all basic needs such as food and the shortage in fuel and cooking gas. The shortage in fuel has turned my life upside down; I’m a working woman and before going to my work I have to take my kids to my parents’ house, which is a bit far from my house and after I finish work I have to take them back. I also have to take my youngest daughter (who is one-year-old) who suffers [from] a minor atrophy of the brain on a daily basis to a rehabilitation center, which is far away from my house. So, when I can’t get fuel I park my car and leave my house and my husband and move to my parents’ house for days. Many times I feel that they are uncomfortable and I can’t blame them as life [has] become difficult and they hardly can afford their daily needs.

I sometimes have to buy fuel from the black market for about 15,000 YR (about 60 USD) for twenty liters, which lasts me for only one week. I struggle to get medicine for my daughter because of the blockade and when I find it I have to pay 20,000 YR (about 80 USD) for one kind of her medicine, which I don’t mind as my only concern in life is the recovery of my daughter.

My life became a mess and I feel tired. I feel pain when I see horror in my children’s eyes during airstrikes and they are deprived from their basic right in life, which is to live safely and secure. All schools are shut down so they don’t get education.

I pray to God that life will not get harder than this, or death is better than this undignified life.

I only pray to God that this war will end which no one will win from it and it only results in destroying everything.

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