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When my Product Owner told me that we need to make our app accessible, my first reaction was to be against it. It’s so much work and I have heard co-workers saying that making your app friendly to a voice reader and other accessibility rules was a painful job.

I didn’t want a painful job so I started to wash my hands and deflect that responsibility to other team members.

Then I asked myself, “Why should we be accessible?”

My first thought was because it’s been imposed by the law, but something inside me (and with help of my teammates) told me that that isn’t enough reason, we shouldn’t doing it because the law tells you so, but rather because it is the right and moral thing to do. …

A lo largo de mi carrera mucha gente que va iniciando en el mundo del Desarrollo de Software me ha preguntado qué se necesita para ser un buen developer, cuáles lenguajes hay que saber, etc.

Hoy compilé la lista, que en mi opinión, son algunas de las cosas que todo developer debe saber para ser mejor

Como extra, conocer estos temas y puntos ayuda mucho en una entrevista de trabajo ;).

Muchos pueden decir que para ser mejor developer sólo necesitas tirar mucho código, para mí eso es sólo una parte. …

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