Launching Something New

This post was originally published to announce the launch of my website and blog. Original link is here.

It’s great to finally have your own place to write. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this, you have already seen a little more of my (very) simple website. Hopefully it was’t too confusing. If you haven’t, take time to browse around. I’ll be here. Ok?

Cool. Glad you’re back.

The point of launching this website is simple: I’m making a commitment to myself to embrace that I am working on my career post-college. Even though I am technically still in college, I am giving myself a bit of a head start to develop the skill and the online presence. While this won’t be my full time job, I am committed to taking this very seriously. Additionally, I will make this space a place where I can write at length about things that do not necessarily relate to my job, but do relate to my career. And, yes, I do see these two things as separate. Somewhat related, but still separate.

In the next couple of months I plan to be launching some exciting stuff. I will use this blog as a place to announce these endeavors, and to still write things that aren’t necessarily about my job.

Stay tuned.

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