Final 250 Bella drop.

On Monday the 31st of Jan at 3pm UTC we will be releasing the final 250 Bellas onto the marketplace. With 500 Bellas total, this will mean the full collection will be realised on the market.

The plan is the same as the first batch, at 3pm UTC, a 48-hour clock begins and all Bellas will be live minted and offers can be made. Minted Bellas can be found either in the Bella shop or via the Bella Collection page.

Note: If an offer of 100ELA is made for a Bella, or a 200ELA for a golden Bella, it will be sold to the first bidder.

At the end of the 48hour period (2nd Feb 3pm UTC), any Bellas without 100 or 200ELA offers will be sold to the highest bidder below this amount.

If there are any Bellas unsold at the end, we will put them on the auction house for 25ELA each with a 48hour timer.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please find us in the Elastos Discord channel under Elacity, goodluck!




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