Dear Ela Community Members,

We wanted to reach out to you today and update you on our future Ela Conf plans. As we wrote in our post to close out last year, “Over the three years that Ela Conf has existed we’ve seen members grow in their careers, get the…

We help promote sponsor jobs each year in return for their financial contribution to our mission. Many of our 2017 sponsors have supported us for several years and we are thrilled to help them get the word out regarding current opportunities to join their stellar teams.

The Jobs

Sponsor jobs are posted…

🔔 Update: early bird tickets have sold out and regular priced tickets are now available.

As of today, August 1st, a limited number of Ela Conf 2017 early bird tickets are officially available for the conference October 27–28 in Philadelphia.

You can secure an early bird ticket for $150 USD…

We are endlessly excited to officially announce our 2017 Saturday morning opening keynote and MC.

Zalyndria Crosby

As a GDI chapter leader we know Zalyndria through chapter leader summits. Her leadership skills are endlessly inspiring, making our keynote selection an easy decision. We are so thrilled she enthusiastically agreed 🤗

Ela Organizers

A conference and community all about empowering more women (cis and trans), trans men, and genderqueer people to be leaders in tech.

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