2017 Conference Sponsorship Prospectus

Today we launched our official prospectus for Ela Conf this fall 🎉

Here’s a link.

Our New Prospectus

This lovely 8 page document starts off with our mission as a community and event, includes an open letter to potential sponsors from all us organizers, reviews sponsorship tiers and opportunities, includes data from our 2016 survey results, lists our wonderful past sponsors, and wraps up with a list of all our social media accounts.

This post serves as both an official announcement 📣 that we have started fundraising for 2017 and as a walkthrough of the document itself.


Ela is a Philly-based conference and remote community with a goal to create a safe, supportive, inspiring and comfortable space for adult (18+) marginalized genders, to gain the confidence needed to become leaders, speakers, writers, and teachers in the world of tech.

We’re a not-for-profit initiative with 100% marginalized gender founders, organizers, speakers, volunteers, and attendees.

Open Letter

There are many things that make us unique and set us apart from other conferences and we felt one way to capture this for those not familiar was through an open letter, which can be found on page 2.

We are passionate about removing barriers that contribute to tech being a space for the most privileged, and for us this means: covering cost of childcare, offering financial and diversity grants, and providing speaker travel and lodging stipends. None of this is possible without our sponsors.

In the event that a profit is made from our fundraising efforts, we pass along a donation to Girl Develop It and carry over a small amount as a venue downpayment for the following year.

Sponsorship Tiers

Each tier has limited availability and the document will be updated as needed.

  • $2,000: Community Builder (5)
  • $4,000: Conference Supporter (3)
  • $6,000: Ecosystem Supporter (2)
  • $15,000: Signature Sponsor (1)
Ela Conf 2017 sponsorship tiers

In addition to these tiers we also have an opportunity for a company to be the sole sponsor of the networking event to follow the conference at $5,000; full details on page 4.

Networking event sponsor: $5,000

Survey Results

We often get asked about our demographics when approached by potentials sponsors. Page 5 and 6 include survey results from the 2016 conference, highlighting career path and experience level.

Career survey results, Ela Conf 2016

While a majority of Ela Conf 2016 attendees were developers, we work to empower and welcome all, regardless of job title. The nature of our content is not specifically technical, but rather focused on advancing certain individual leadership skills.

Experience survey results, Ela Conf 2016

Attendees consisted of a very even mix of experience levels. Having this diversity strengthens our community as participants are able bond with peers and learn from role models.

Take a look at the full evaluation results here.

2015, 2016 Sponsors 😻

Amazing past Ela Conf sponsors

Partners? 🤗

Check out our sponsorship opportunities and reach out to us at hello@elaconf.com 💌

We can’t wait to chat and call you a partner in our mission.

💜 Joni, LeeAnn, Katy, Arti, Shanise