Ela Office Hours Channel

On Monday March 20th we will be officially kicking off a new community project: an #office-hours Slack channel.

The Ela #office-hours public channel will serve as a designated space for community members to connect directly with scheduled hosts to ask career related questions, get advice, and seek general support during publicized times.

Selected hosts can choose to have ongoing availability with set times, more sporadic availability, or choose to participate in a one-time, scheduled occurrence. Each host will post and maintain their availability, pinning to the #office-hours channel for quick reference.

Our first official host is Lara Hogan, Engineering Director at Etsy, author of Demystifying Public Speaking and Designing for Performance, and our lovely March AMA guest. Lara’s first office hours session will be Monday March 20th 12–1PM EST.

All future office hour opportunities will be announced in Slack and via social media.

You can fill out a brief form to receive an invitation to our group’s Slack.

Ela events are for adult women (18+) and all participants are expected to follow our code of conduct.

💜 Joni, LeeAnn, Katy, Arti