Towards a Practice of Token Engineering
Trent McConaghy

I feel the right kind of engineering expertise that you’re looking for is actually Public Policy expertise.

Public Policy experts deal in “the art of the possible”: they are experienced in aligning incentives of large systems with many stakeholders, in creating desired mechanisms for positive-sum growth, and in avoiding tragedies of the commons. They do all of these in “messy” human-based systems, subject to irrational “behavioral economics” type of behaviors, to entrenched interests, and to “foreign interests”. And they manage to do a passable job, one day at a time, in tractable situations (Singaporian Healthcare, Canadian Education, Australian Gun Control) as well as intractable ones (American Healthcare, Education, and, one day, Gun Control).

In fact, if you squint hard enough, Public Policy experts are the engineers of the economics world. We need to recruit them and train them in Blockchain tech. Cryptoeconomics and some Computer Science, and let them work their magic. We’ll help them build CAD systems and explore insights that can be obtained in our very-quantifiable and transparent Blockchain economic systems. I’ve been looking for Public Policy people for a while now, and hope to be a part of recruiting them to our righteous cause: designing Blockchain systems that are not perfect-on-paper, but rather satisfactory-in-practice.