Smart Trash Bin for the Cleanliness of Kinshasa

Josephine Sukami
3 min readNov 5, 2023

By Louange Bosso

smart trash bin prototype

The problem that inspired me to carry out my project is the problem of uncleanliness in the city of Kinshasa, which hinders the residents of the city from maintaining good health due to poor waste management, my project focuses on solving the issue of poor waste management around the city by providing a smart bin waste collector

There are many reasons behind the poor waste disposal system such as the trash bins are too far away., there is a lack of public trash bins and poor placement of the trash bins in the city.

The reasons above got me thinking on how to solve the problems but I had many questions in mind. I asked myself, Is it possible to implement a system that can find the solution to these problems through the computer tool?

If yes, what kind of system can I implement to detect the trash thrown on the surface near the trash bin? then I came up with the idea of a Smart trash bin which is a computerized system that we will put in place to detect the trash to keep our city clean using new technologies and innovation

inside of the smart bin system

The smart trash bin is an automatic waste collector that has a sensor to detect trash nearby and collect the system. It is trained by AI and an embedded system(Arduino) powered with a battery to detect trash and collect it. The bin also has an alarm system that alerts the workers if the bin is full so that they can empty it. I used a GSM card (mobile company) that I programmed to send a notification to waste collection service providers when the bin was full.

The general idea is to implement a smart trash bin equipped with an automatic opening and closing system, an alert system, and detection of garbage thrown in the nearby area. However, what I have been able to accomplish is a smart trash bin with only an automatic opening and closing system and a locking system when the garbage reaches a certain level. Now I need to further my knowledge by taking a master’s in technology aiming to accomplish my project to the level that it will serve its purpose.

Smart trash can provide Congolese society with a solution that will solve the problems of waste management in Kinshasa city. The Congolese people, especially those living in Kinshasa, have difficulty throwing trash in the bin because of the habit of throwing trash anywhere, which can lead to diseases and an unhealthy environment.

providing Congolese society with a solution that will solve the problems of waste management in Kinshasa city thanks to this program I have managed to create the first prototype that will pave the future of clean Kinshasa.