My year — 2015

Hello everyone!

Today is Thursday, the 31st of December 2015. The last day of the year!

As you probably noticed, I got a medium account now, I might try and use it regularly. I’m not an excellent writer by any means though.

I’m writing this post to sum up what 2015, one of the most eventful years in my life, was for me.

I’m going to organize this post by months, just because I would otherwise get lost and forget a ton of things.

January: Oh, January 2015. Feels like yesterday. On the 2nd, I come back from my first visit to Bangkok, Thailand. It was a lot of fun seeing Christmas time in Eastern Asia. This was also the month I decided my PC isn’t good enough for me. On the 12th, I got myself a 120GB SSD as well as 4 GB of extra RAM, effectively doubling the amount of RAM that I have. Also, my little brother grew 1 year old, and could no longer be housed in the smallest room in the house along with his (then) 5 year sister. I had the largest room for myself back then, and offered to swap rooms. Therefore I now live in the smallest room and my younger siblings share the largest room. Fair enough.

February: Not much really. 12th birthday for me. Got the equivalent of about 400$ and also a cool new bed that can has its head part lifted, which I thought was really cool at the time. Later I realize I don’t have enough electricity plugs in my room, and being too lazy to get another plug in my room, I decided to disconnect my printer when I’m using the bed.

March: I start to get into Minecraft modding and start writing JARTM (Just Another Random Things Mod). It didn’t take long for me to become dissatisfied with the direction the mod took. After uploading a picture of an item from the mod to my Twitter account, user wiresegal offered to help take my mod in the right direction. I knew him and I knew he has the ability to make content-wise good mods, so I agreed. He walked me through the entire process, from renaming JARTM to Quaritum, to abandoning my Unstable material, and introducing a ritual and reagent systems. I also travel to Germany for a week.

April: I learn the ropes of client sided modding, and start work on a unified Hypixel Network-related client side mod, called HypixelPlus. I wanted it to include most of the features of ChromaPixel, HudPixel, and (RIP) Picklr/PickledChat. I ask CircularChicken, the author of Picklr, and he agreed to let me personally use as much Picklr code as I would like.

May: Continuing work on HypixelPlus, I ask Kevy and Seal for permission to use ChromaPixel code in my new mod. Kevy instead asks me to join his team to work on 1.8 ChromaPixel. I agree, abandon HypixelPlus, and get ChromaPixel rewritten for 1.8 completely.

June: ChromaPixel 1.8 is released, and I start work on features R&D. I make ChromaPixel Admin, containing a lot of random features and things that popped up, some of them aren’t even allowed on the network! It has an automatic mystery box maker, a (legal) autotip, and an (broken) alert feature allowing the team to send messages automagically to be broadcast to users of the mod.

July: I make what probably is my best contribution to client sided modding: the Modular GUI. A system integrated into the Info HUD found in ChromaPixel Admin, allowing users to add values to the GUI dynamically. This allowed me to make dynamic config systems, which can be used for variables used in Hypixel games (such as game IDs) without having to update the mod for every time there is a new game. Along that, I made P to Play: A hotkey to join a game as specified in a Modular GUI variable. At the time, only SkyWars games were supported, due to an Hypixel limitation. At the time of writing, only SkyWars and BSG Solo games are supported.

For the last week of the month, I join a summer camp where I learn a bit about the internals of coding.

Also, during that month, Kevy (and ChromaPixel) decides to form PixelModders and merge with palechip’s HudPixel.

August: For the first week, I’m still in that summer camp from July. After that, I travel to the US for the second time in my life. I visit NYC, LA and SF and have a good time. The trip lasted 2 weeks. During that time, my internet was limited and I usually didn’t have access to Internet. In the meanwhile, the unified PixelModders team decides of a name for their new mod, without any coding being done on it however I do not get a chance to suggest a name or vote on one.

September: I start leaning towards leaving the ChromaPixel team. I ask Kevy to push towards a ChromaPixel update to remove banned features and to fix bugs. Kevy keeps making false promises and breaking them.

I do more work on Quaritum, creating the Chaosborn — the first boss. It’s a sort of vortex that shoots fiery arrows that set fire to the environment and moves really fast.

October: I decide that Quaritum isn’t going where I want it to. I decide it is going to be rewritten completely. I also get back into Hypixel and meet SirHuntPredator, a nice veteran player who showed me around the slightly darker areas of the server. I also join his guild and hear about a mod he is planning to create, to compete with ChromaPixel.

November: Last straw for ChromaPixel. I tell Kevy that if he doesn’t release an update by the 15th I will quit the team and expose all of its secrets. I also join up with SirHuntPredator and start work on his mod. Kevy does not fulfill his promise and asks for more time three times. After that is over, I quit the ChromaPixel team and expose how crappy of a human Kevy was to me in a lengthy post on his thread. I also announce my new mod.

December: I travel to Bangkok, Thailand again. It was pretty boring to be honest. I start work on rewriting Quaritum. Kevy releases his new mod, which he decided to call “Pixel+” in order to intimidate me. I also get a new GPU, a GTX 750.

That was my year. How was yo

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