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OfffTLV design festival is over.

A fine festival indeed, of design, inspiration, and fun times. Speeches were great, and it was very interesting to have a peek into the backstage of different designers, artists and studios, their processes, their thinking, their take on things and much more. Being as inspiring as it is, these days make you open up, look around, and take in so many thoughts and ideas. Here are a few takes of mine from these 48 hours:

Trust your clients. So simple yet so true. We so easily tend to lose our trust in them, feel as…

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i run.

it gives me time, helps me focus, and generally is a good way of getting outside. I’ve been running for the past 7 years almost — last several years doing it pretty intensively 3–4 times a week, for distances between 7–12 km on average. i don’t do treadmills. it frustrates me to do so much running and stay on the same spot. i like the touch of the earth, the solid ground and the concrete asphalt giving me way, bouncing me on. i put earphones on — usually podcasts of different types. Management, self improvement and TED are…

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A red line at the bottom of the rectangle, and the heart begins to pound. Searching for a hole in the wall through which to suck from again. Life, time. In the constant race to refill, recharge, recollect. Endless devices around us calling on us, calling us out.

What about our red light inside? when does it light up, signaling upon reaching the end. Where is our cable, through which can we pull the flow back in again, fill the rectangle, recharge. In order to make room for new, how much needs to be disposed of, and how long in between? And what if we don’t. Let it starve out empty.

Let the red line disappear.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Company culture is like a big ship. The steadier it is the slower it will sail. It’s an advantage when the water is stormy — the ship will withstand the adversity ahead with greater success. Substantial upper hand, with one major flaw. Changing the culture takes time. A big ship will not be able to diverge fast and sharp if necessary. The roots of habit are strong and deep. For change to become there’s need for understanding the size of the ship, the length and the time of the steady diversion. It takes patience and time. There’s always a choice of becoming a small and fast motor boat, manoeuvring and adapting agilely to the waters, but then there’s a new set of dangers to keep in mind.

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When there’s a leader, there’s a leaden, and a rope between. The rope needs to be kept tight, strong. When precarious, it’s a sign of two things; either the leader isn’t pushing forward hard enough, or the leaden is moving fast towards a different course. Both options lead to nothing good. When precarious there’s no passion, no anger, no feeling and no impact. Mainly apathy and dead lust. When the rope is tight there’s friction both sides endure. Might tear the rope apart, but between loose and torn, I choose the latter.

picture by Emma Hall

Standing tall above the water, a good story is only a tip of an iceberg. Raw, broken, exposed, firm against the slamming waves. And the big truth isn’t to be seen, lying in the abyss. A good story is only a tip of an iceberg. Above the waters nothing changes, forever stays the same, a refuge for the wandering birds. But underneath the currents carve and level, leaving their marks time and time again — a good story is only a tip of an iceberg.

And I look, and I watch. And I observe all those little details, above the waters, but the true story lies there in depth.

A good story is only a tip of an iceberg.

Photo by Jaie Miller

Growing up, we’re never really satisfied with an answer. Often we’ll keep nagging at our victim “but why?…” Though truely annoying to a certain extent, it takes real courage and honesty to go down that dark road of “why”. It brings us down to some harsh truths, bare and naked. The true seeker will never be satisfied, like a little child. There’s always something deeper than that. There’s always a reason. Same goes for brands, for companies, for products and services. As long as the true reason for why does’nt stand out and scream out loud, no chance for a true connection, no chance for authenticity.

Why do i need it?

Why is that good for me?

Why do i feel that way?

Why am i reluctant to answer truly?

Elad Mishan

Founder, partner & creative director of Firma. The Brandhouse. A strategic branding, design & digital agency.

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