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Evolution of a Web Developer

Elad Ossadon
Feb 9, 2016 · 2 min read

My personal experience with web development, catching up with tools, libraries, frameworks, and fad fashions includes many list items. Each year introduced “the next big thing” and I got addicted to trying and adopting technologies. And yet, I try not to forget to build things in between.


OS: Windows ’98 / Editor: Notepad, Front Page Express / Browser: IE5 / Front End: HTML 4/DHTML, Nested Tables / Back End: CGI, Perl, SSI


Editor: EditPlus / Browser: IE5.5 / Front End: CSS, JavaScript, FrontPage 2000 / Back End: ASP 3 VBScript, Access DB


OS: Windows XP / Front End: Flash, ActionScript


Back End: ASP 3 JScript / Front End: <div>+Floats


Front End: HTC, download Behavior (IE AJAX implementation)


Front End: XMLHTTP, Sarissa (JS+XML Library)


Editor: EditPlus, Visual Studio.NET / Browser: Maxthon (IE 6), Mozilla / Front End: Ajax, Animations / Back End: ASP.NET 1.1, SQL Server


Front End: Ajax, Prototype & Scriptaculous / Back End: ASP.NET 2.0, C# / Browser: Firefox


OS: Windows Vista / Front End: MooTools / Back End: ASP.NET 3.0


Front End: Silverlight / Back End: ASP.NET 3.5


OS: Mac OS X / Browser: Firefox, Chrome / Editor: TextMate / Front End: XHTML, iOS / Back End: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, WordPress


Front End: jQuery, LESS / Back End: Cassandra, Riak, Google App Engine, Python Webapp


Front End: HTML5, SASS (SCSS), Compass / Back End: Redis


Editor: Sublime Text / Front End: Backbone, Bootstrap / Back End: Neo4j


Front End: Angular 1.x, CoffeeScript / Back End: Node & Express, CoffeeScript, MongoDB


Front End: Angular 1.x, Grunt, Flexbox / Back End: Ruby on Grape, Postgres


Editor: Sublime Text, Atom / Front End: Gulp, React Native, React, Redux, Webpack, Babel, ES6/ES7, iOS Swift


What’s next?

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