At byFounders we invest in seed stage companies across the Nordics and Baltics. Deliberately spending time on the ground across all the countries in which we invest, the byFounders team have the honor of meeting so many great founders, investors and ecosystem players all contributing to the success of Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurship. Recently, we’ve been seeing interesting signs of something brewing in one country in particular: Norway.

Until recently, the Norwegian startup ecosystem was largely neglected by investors from abroad and especially from overseas. There are many contributing factors to this, including Norway’s long-time, dependable reliance on heavy industries like oil and gas. This has led to Norway transitioning to a more tech- and entrepreneurship-fuelled economy later than countries that have had to be more inventive earlier. Whatever the reasoning, international VCs should beware of overlooking Norway when considering the Nordics.

It’s no secret — we’re betting big on Norway. To us, there are at least five reasons to keep an extra eye on Norwegian startups at…

I hate pitch decks!

Ok — There, I said it. As a VC you see a LOT of pitch decks. Even though some of them stand out, their repetitiveness will tire you out eventually. To make a lasting impression, arming yourself with the “Pitch deck for Dummies” and some incredible design skills just doesn’t cut it.

To really get our attention you need to address these five things that really matter to us:

1. Tell us who you are, what brought you here, and why you and your co-founders are the best suited to solve the problem you are passionate…

byFounders klar med ny investering — investerer i digital planteservice

I slutningen af 2017 offentliggjorde venturefonden byFounders deres første investering i danske Peergrade. Nu er fondens næste investering på plads i Spiio, der leverer data-drevet plantevedligeholdelse til kunder verden over.

Norden har et stort og uforløst potentiale for at skabe flere vækstvirksomheder, der kan gøre sig gældende på internationale scene. Én af de virksomheder er danske Spiio, der leverer data-drevet pasning af planter til planteservicevirksomheder og anlægsgartnere, der hjælper til at sikre højere kvalitet med færre omkostninger.

Spiio har udviklet en trådløs sensorløsning, en slags digital gartner, der registrerer vækstforholdene…

byFounders completes first close in record time.

Powered by some of the most successful founders in the Nordics and Baltic, byFounders today officially launch our fund.

Raising a first time fund with a first time team is inherently difficult and in addition to a lot of blood, sweat and tears it normally takes between 18 and 24 month to do so. We are therefore excited that we have managed to raise our first close of the fund in record time. This allows us to start investing in the next generation of Nordic and Baltic founders with global ambitions.

The investors behind the fund includes Vækstfonden (“The Danish…

The 7 Ts: Team, TAM, Traction, Tech, Transformation, Timing, 10x

Our investment thesis is simple; keep a high bar and set demanding hurdles for any startup to be considered by our team.

Our 7 T’s

Before you send us your pitch deck, try to answer the following questions. How many T’s does your startup check off?

TEAM: At the core, we are looking for great teams. Preferably proven founders or founders that have profound knowledge and experience operating in the industry they are trying to disrupt. We know from first-hand experience that the road is long. …

Techbikers 2017 Copenhagen to Berlin

Techbikers is organizing a great ride from Copenhagen to Berlin starting on Friday Sep. 15. Having ridden quite a few miles the last couple of years often in large groups I wanted to share my experience and tricks to make this ride a fun ride. Most important click on the link at the end of the post and help me raise money for Roam to Read.

This might be the first time you are going on a long bike ride, and given it’s a group ride there are additional things to be aware of before…

Introducing: For Founders byFounders

byFounders is a “for founders by founders” fund built on the foundation and backing of a strong Collective, comprising some of the most successful Nordic entrepreneurs investing in and supporting a new generation of globally ambitious Nordic and Baltic founders.

With a strong presence in both Copenhagen and Silicon Valley, we will serve as a springboard for growth to Nordic and Baltic technology startups with teams, ambitions and capabilities to address a global market with their products and services.

When can you get an investment from byFounders?

We are an early stage venture capital fund which…

March 29, 2016

Scot McLean have misunderstood the concept of a Triathlon, and thinks he should finish running. Photo: Alex Chiu Photography

I am dropping a quick note to tell you what happened to me at the finish line at Copperopolis last weekend (the men’s 45 +123 race). I had a respectable race and was coming in to the finishing descent with four others — was setting up for 6th, 7th or 8th place — not bad. As I hit the flat section at the bottom, I began to turn the cranks but was sensing no torque. I soon…

March 29, 2016

ThirstyBears: Alan, Brian, Max, myself

Race plan: control the first lap, have someone up the road if there is a break going early, ride a hard tempo up the main climb on the final lap, and save Max for the sprint.

After doing 5 laps for 100+ miles with Phipps in the P12 last year, 2 laps of racing in the 55+ might seem like an easy spin around the block. We even got to sleep in because our race didn’t start until 11:25 am. …

March 12, 2012

There is not a whole lot of race report to do when you just sit in and wait for a sprint, so this will be brief. Forty-one starters in our race. Several break attempts went off on all laps but nothing getting more than 20 seconds. I told Scot I wouldn’t put this in the report, but he said if I didn’t he would. Coming into the second-to-last lap, Scot came around to the front and started drilling it just before the Start/Finish line. …

Eric Lagier

Managing Partner, Investing in the next generation of Nordic and Baltic founders.

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