The Heroes You’ve Never Heard Of

Have you ever heard of Ada Lovelace? Tessy Thomas? Gerty Cori? Who are these women? These women are just a fraction of many more who have made huge impacts on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Chances are, you’ve never heard of them. Why haven’t you heard of these intelligent women? It’s that one word no one wants to hear or be accused of: bias. Sure, these aren’t the days of the Suffrage. These are’t the days when Segregation was ripping America apart. But bias still exists. We just don’t realize it. We have become blind to it. We find it acceptable, normal. Whether it’s the KKK or someone with prejudice buried deep inside their hearts and minds, it’s still bias. You want proof? The fact that we haven’t have a female president, the fact that people watch the NBA instead of the WNBA, and much more, all are subtle reminders that bias still exists in America. We could easily fill history books with just women, but buried inside the minds of many is a voice that says that women can’t be in STEM, never will be, and never have. But there’s facts right in front of our faces. In fact, the world’s first computer programmer was a female! Without the contributions of Grace Hopper, you wouldn’t even be reading these words. Women have made lasting impacts on STEM. You want to hear something more amazing? Many of these women had to work in damp, dark, sheds, because they didn’t receive proper funding or education, but still managed to change the world of STEM! Maybe you’ll be the next world changing woman. Maybe you’ll be the woman who rids the world of bias, shows men that we are equal! So go on, Google a hero you’ve never heard of, tell everyone you know about her, and you can change the world!