5 Ways Stream of Consciousness Writing Can Improve Your Life

Elaina Masker
Feb 13 · 3 min read

Stream of consciousness writing is an easy way to not only clear your head but also increase your productivity. Today, most of us feel some kind of anxiety or stress in our lives whether it’s with family, friends, or careers. What if I told you there was a simple and easy way to help relieve some of this? All you need is a pen, some paper, and a few minutes of your time.

So what exactly is stream of consciousness writing? Stream of consciousness writing is a little like journaling, but not exactly. You know that voice in your head you hear when you are thinking? Stream of consciousness writing is simply writing those words down. Write down precisely what pops into your head as you think it.

Writing by hand is the best way to start stream of consciousness writing. The act of putting pen to paper can be therapeutic in itself, but it also forces your brain to slow down. Write for as long as you like, but it is most effective if you set a specific time to write. Don’t stop until you hit your goal. You will be amazed at what comes to mind.

Here are five reasons you should give it a shot:

1. Stop your racing thoughts

Do you find yourself lost in your head, but you can’t seem to organize your thoughts? You are bouncing from one idea to the next, but you can’t seem to stop on anything in particular. This can be stressful and frustrating. You feel stuck and lost. Writing your thoughts down forces your brain to focus on just one thing at a time. You will find once you write down a thought or feeling, it is much easier to move onto the next consciously. Getting the thoughts out in a way you can physically see makes it simple to organize them.

2. Discover something new about yourself

When you begin to write out whatever comes to your head, you never know what is going to come out. Follow your thoughts and see where they take you. You could learn something new about yourself. Maybe you want to take more chances in life, learn something new, or try something different. Perhaps you feel stuck in your career and want to push yourself further. Write it all down and make a plan. It could change your life.

3. Vent out your problems

Sometimes you need to talk something through to find a solution or feel better about a situation. Writing it out in stream of consciousness writing can produce some ideas on how to handle it or how to solve the problem. It could help you deal with a stressful problem you are having in your life just by writing it out. Clear your head of the negative thoughts by writing them down so you can move on or solve the problem.

4. Be more productive

It’s not always easy to start a task on your list of things to do. It sounds so much easier to relax and watch your favorite TV show or movie. However, once you get your brain working, it is easy to start on your next task. Picking up a pen is easy enough. Writing out your thoughts gets your brain working, and suddenly sitting down and letting your brain sink into the TV doesn’t sound as appealing. Most likely, you will feel yourself wanting to do something to keep your brain going.

5. Get creative

If you are stuck on a project, writing can help you through it. Stream of consciousness writing is a great way to overcome writer’s block and get more creative. Your brain makes leaps and jumps you would never expect otherwise. You could come up with a great novel plot or an idea for a painting. You could discover a great new way to approach a work project. Writing down your thoughts is a way to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas in many different aspects of your life.

Elaina Masker

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Elaina is a freelance writer and artist who enjoys helping people with their personal development. For more of her work, visit her website at elainamasker.com.

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