Ask About My Sex Life, But Don’t Ask My Salary

You walk into work on Monday morning. Your coworker immediately comes up to your desk with some obviously juicy news. You prepare yourself for the newest tales of her past weekend and wonder what she has been up to this time. Or who she has been up to. You listen to her talk about her newest hookup and her latest sexual adventure. When she is finished, you mention to her you are looking to apply for a position in her department. “How much does it pay?”, you casually ask your friend. She looks at you, mortified. “I never share how much money I make,” she states, “That is way too invasive”.

Why is it more okay to listen to your coworker go on about the sexual misfortunes of her vagina than it is to talk about money? Since when has someone’s bank account been more sacred than their genitalia? People are now more willing to talk about anything including their sex life, awkward bodily functions, the ups and downs of their relationships. There seems to be almost no taboo subjects anymore. However, as soon as money is mentioned, the conversation comes to an abrupt halt. It gets awkward. Its uncomfortable. Its just down right unpleasant.

Money shouldn’t be uncomfortable. You really should be talking about how much money you make. You could be making more without even realizing it. Maybe your coworker discovered a way to get their salary increased. Maybe you have other job opportunities you didn’t even realize. You could possibly have the same internet service as your neighbor but your neighbor is paying a lot less. Talk about it!

You could find you relate to the financial struggles of the person sitting right next to you. You could share advice on how to get through it. Money should be something we talk about. Whether we like it or not, money is a part of everyone’s life as is sex, bodily functions, and relationships. Its not something we can avoid, so why do we avoid talking about it?

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