Unfortunately Brain Fog has become an unpleasant side effect of the fast-paced, unrelenting lifestyle of the 21st century. It can be so debilitating and yet often ignored as a ‘real’ symptom by medical professionals. Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in AutoImmune conditions — (Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hashimotos and more). One of the most talked about symptoms from my clients suffering with these conditions, is ‘Brain Fog’.

While ‘Brain Fog’ is not a medical term, is is fast becoming a well recognized set of symptoms, which can include:
 — lack of focus and can’t think clearly
 — poor concentration and memory
 — mental confusion and forgetfulness
 — anxiety and feeling irritable
 — lack of motivation

Neuro-inflammation and an increase in Oxidative Stress on the Hypothalmus are responsible for ‘Brain Fog’, but what is causing this inflammation?

So let’s explore some of the main causes of Brain Fog

Adrenal Glands
 When the adrenal glands are exhausted, the stress hormone cortisol increases. This in turn creates more inflammation in the body and can result in brain fog. Support the adrenals by managing stress levels, increasing Vitamin C intake or taking an adrenal support as advised by your Practitioner. It is so important with our incessantly busy lives that we support our Adrenals.

Thyroid Imbalance
 Any imbalance in the thyroid function can cause a myriad of health issues. Particularly with an under active thyroid, we find that Brain Fog is a real symptom associated with the condition. Quite often with underactive thyroid function, there can be an Iron deficiency, which can in turn cause symptoms such as fatigue, poor concentration and memory. If you feel you are struggling with these symptoms, definitely get your Thyroid levels checked (TSH, T3, T4, Free T3, Free T4) and also have your Iron levels checked.

Leaky Gut & Inflammatory Foods
The brain requires minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and glucose to function optimally. An increase in bacterial toxins in the gut called LPS (LipoPolySaccharide) has been shown to affect brain inflammation. Due to stress and poor food quality many of us are nutrient deficient, and largely dependent on sugar and caffeine, causing leaky gut and inflammation.

This is absolutely reversible by addressing your Gut Health first of all. Have your Kinesiology Practitioner test you for:
 — LPS (Leaky Gut)
 — Food Sensitivities: gluten, wheat, dairy being the big ones
 — Underlying Bacteria or Fungus/Candida in the gut. If you do they will need treatment, otherwise they will create a myriad of problems in your gut and overall health — fatigue, digestive upsets, sugar cravings, more inflammation, more brain fog!!………….
 — Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies (Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Turmeric, B Vitamins, Vitamin D and much more). You many need to supplement for a period of time, until your gut is healed

Heavy metal toxicity in the body is often overlooked in testing, however, they can create so many health issues and inflammation in the body. Have your practitioner test you for metal toxicity (main ones being Mercury, Aluminium, Cadmium, Arsenic). I will do another post soon to explain Metal Toxicity in more detail — where the toxins are found, how they impair the body and how to chelate and detox from these heavy metals.

Disturbed Sleep
Sleep is our rest and recovery time for both mind and body. Time to switch off from the stress of life and repair. However, it is no surprise again to learn that more and more people are having sleep issues — either struggling to get to sleep or else waking up several times a night. This disturbed sleep has far reaching consequences for the body and it’s ability to function well.

Sleep disturbance => Lowers Glutathione (antioxidant that fights inflammation) => Increases Oxidative Stress in Hypothalmus => Increases Brain Fog

The reason for sleep disturbance needs to be addressed in it’s own right — be it stress from every day life, other health issues, using technology before bedtime etc. Eventually without enough sleep our body will break down in one form or another.

Take the first step towards better health and lose that Brain Fog.


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