In 2020, in order to write, I need to rebel. What about you?

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This is my Rebel Writer manifesto.

To be a true rebel writer, I must be risky, bold, generous, committed, supportive, and open.

To truly grow, I must rebel. So I will rebel against my fear, my shame, my embarrassment. I will rebel against my inner critic, my inner editor, my inner saboteur.

I will kill my stories so that I can write my stories.

I will be honest about the difference between thinking about writing and writing.

I will no longer use ‘incubation’ as an excuse for not putting words on the page.

I will not allow my imposter syndrome to fell me, or my inferiority complex to trip me up just as I stand at the threshold of something great, or something possible, or something brave. …

Sometimes the very places you once longed to escape become exciting again.

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Once upon a time, I lost my way on a walk, and I genuinely panicked that I’d remain disorientated long enough to die of exposure. It was a summer’s evening in urban England, I was half a mile from my front door in full sight of two roads, and I was nearly 40 years old. From the safety of my East London sofa just now, I image-searched ‘adventure’ on my laptop and was greeted with dozens of photos of very fit but clearly insane people, separated from certain deaths only by the tips of their ice axes, or the thin nylon of their parachutes, or the presumed integrity of rocky outcrops over yawning canyons. …

Welcome to the writing arm of the Rebel Book Club. Here’s how to submit.

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You might not remember where you were and what you were doing when you first heard about Rebel Book Club. But you probably remember the moment you first walked into that room full of people and thought, ‘This isn’t what I expected…’

This, you see, isn’t any ordinary book club, the kind where you talk about the book for five minutes if you must, but really it’s just an excuse to get out of the house and have a natter with friends or neighbours. …


Elaine Kasket

Psychologist, writer, keynote speaker. Author of All the Ghosts in the Machine (2019):

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