Design Thinking

Why does Design thinking make sense in education?

The focus of receiving an education is to develop understanding on a variety of topics, skills and strategies that are useful when solving issues and in everyday life. The design thinking process incorporates the same focus however it is presented differently. The design thinking is used to solve complex problems with the huge focus of human centred design and radical collaboration. In the school content it makes sense in education as it allows students to create creative solutions for real life issues through 5 stages and to express and develop their understanding in an interactive environment.

Why is it important to consider Design thinking as a scaffold for learning in 2017?

It is important to consider design thinking as a scaffold because we the people of society live in a highly structure environment that requires creative in which the design thinking process achieves.

Likewise, with technology dominating the way students learn and the easy access to answers, the design thinking is essential in 2017 as it allows the students to think for themselves and develop ideas and theories without the assistance of academic and non academic individuals through visuals, concrete materials and the old fashion pen and paper.

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