My First Medium Essay Went Viral and This is What Happened
Sarah E. Miller

Yes, you are a writer, Sarah E, Miller… and you knew it even though you perhaps were “scared to death” to trust your gut on it — but you went with the feeling, finally, thank goodness !!! Was it really out of material desperation or a lingering spark of “true grit” ?

I am smiling with you and with admiration of your skill in the craft which now, brought to the light, will take little time to actually hone in to much bigger numbers. You think that your audience is other millennials… not so; your audience is other wanderers, of all ages and genders, lost but looking for a guide post or two to keep them standing up, to keep them knowing they are not alone.

I will follow you on Medium and watch as you move through personal angst and introspection to set more guideposts. Eat, Pray, Love told the whole story so fast that it gendered a lot of undeserved criticism from the shallow shadows who live only on the edge of real living; you are already encountering them here on Medium. Ignore them or , as you’ve shown already that you know how : turn the intended sting back into the Oblivion.

Your good luck rises out of your generous ability to be purposefully authentic in the face of an onslaught of crassness, pretense and intentional pettiness — the shtick of the fore-mentioned shadows.

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