On (re)defining Platform co-ops
Katie Hudson

Thanks for your thoughts, Katie! I wonder whether these 3 use cases are really a separate thing or rather integral parts of the larger concept of “platform cooperativism”? Because even if you set up an individual, digital coop without any intentions to cooperate outside of your internal structures you are connected to both your local economy and the digital realm of cooperative projects worldwide. A sucessful platform coop will automatically have an impact on local policy making, will influence other coops, will be asked for training and advise, for sharing resources with others. 
Cooperation among cooperatives is one of the 7 co-operative principles suggested by the Platform Coop consortium: https://platform.coop/about/why-platform-co-ops

So, rather than separating these use cases I would like to propose an expanded view on cooperative businesses, as something that creates impact and community value on many different levels.

Speaking of community: I also think that the concept of community within platform cooperativism addresses both the members AND the people that have a connection to the products / services the coop offers.

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