CTW = Change the World !? But How ?!

Change the world.”
Almost all people who tries to make differences especially almost all entrepreneur use this sentence in many years. But in those years we have seen so less improvements, changes in the world. There are lots of good news for people in the world but the bad ones are much more than the good ones. A few people still wants to change the world because of that. But why we can not see the changes? Changes are coming only for having much more comfortable lives in the world. We have forgetten the others who has not have comfort since they born. If there are no good changes for those people, there is not enough change to make a better world. We have forgetten to look the big picture. Maybe we no longer wants to hear the truths. They cause to forget us to be the one, be together, think other people as you think yourself. Therefore time has passed so fast and we only focus to make money, not changing the world. Changing the world for a better one ? It is a lie. We have been lying to ourselves since we have forgetten to be a human. We wants to change our little world not the entire world. We just want to earn money to live a good life. We have been trying to make more money. But our world that we want to change, it is dying. For almost all researches shows that in few decades there is too late to do to stop the dying of our world. It would not be a neutral dead. If we do not change something that damaging our world. We will be murderers of our world. However it is not too late. We can change the world still we have chances. But what we can do ? How can we change the world ?

Change the world. But for whom?” 
People have to ask this question to themselves firstly, if they really wants to change the world not only their little world. This can interpret with many ways. The “change” word in “Change the world” could be a technological change for you or could be a bestseller for someone else. I have to say that “Everything is a change.” Everything that you made yesterday , you’re making today, you’ll make tomorrow is a change’s itself. Making a coffee for yourself is a change for you also it can be for the world. Everything can make a butterfly effect. Be sure that. But we have to query ourselves “Is it enough to see the big change for the world? Is it enough to make a difference as I want to see in the world? How we can help those people who does not have any chance to make a difference in their life? How we can know that our idea is enough to change the world as we want?”

Firstly there is no good or bad idea! Every idea can make a difference. If they administrate well, every idea will change the world. Think people needs to start. What does people need? Research, Go outside and see with your own eyes that something have to change and people who have not any chance to change their life. Trying to make a difference that you want to see in this world is a good start. Pick an idea first! But it have to be a gorgeous idea for you, it have to get you. It have to dizzy you. All day, all night you could not do anything without thinking your idea. If your idea is got those power then you can start to change the world ! But I have to say it “It may be so hard. You have to be ready!” Then let’s jump to discover Iceberg of your ideas.

If you want to really change the world with your precious idea you have to have PPB! Patience, Persistence, Believe! You have to be patience an persistence. You have to know that there will not be good weather all the time. Especially you will see the sunshine just a few days in a year may be. You have to start to love the winter. You will be on a road in winter more than 300 days in a year without clothes. If you can love to walk or run in winter your idea will change the world perminantly you will be sure that. People will tell you almost all the time your idea is worthless. You can not do anything with your worthless idea. You have to find a good job and earn some money to become like those people who talk to you like that. If Newton, Einstein, Lincoln, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs… etc has did what people told them to do, you could not hear any of their names. Also the most known startups were a worthless companies if their founders thought like other people. From that point power of your idea is most important thing. Power of your idea have to be enough to get your butt up in early hours from bed. Also it have to have power of making you insomnia. I do not want to see you like zombies but if the power of an idea is limitless you can touch hearts of people easily. You can attract attention of people. Because you will start to make its own plans immediately. You will want to run on your hard way in winter without clothes. But you will not feel the cold because your idea will warm you all the time.

And the last thing of PPB is “Believe”. 
“Believe” is the most powerful word that we can use. Believing yourself is the most important thing to do. You have to believe yourself whatever you want to make. If your idea wants to change the world, you have to be patience, persistence and the most important thing you have to believe yourself, you have to believe your idea that can change the world. Words and ideas can change the world because of who believe them, love them. If you want to see the change you have to have a dream that you can believe someday will become real. You have to visualization all day. You do not have to be lucky, you do not have to know strong people that you can help. If you have PPB and work hard everything will start to come to you no matter what! If YOU got a dream you gotta protect it! People can not do something themselves they want to tell you “You can not do it!” If you want something you have to go and get it! Do not be afraid to fail! You can not always win. Life can hit you very hard sometimes but you have to keep moving forward. If life can hit you hard and you fall, get up again and again and do not ever give up. Know your worth! You have the power, you have the light to pass the darkness. You have the power to make this world a better place!

Just decide what you want to do! Find your priceless idea! And have the PPB!

Do not forget it ! “Limits that you see in your way are just an illusion!”