UK Beauty Bloggers That are Taking Over the World

Tutorials, monthly favorites and hauls — YouTube is becoming the biggest platform to discuss beauty. Beauty gurus, professional and amateur alike, are conquering the Internet one video at a time. These wildly successful influencers are gaining subscribers into the millions. They’re even creating their own products from books to makeup to skincare. Lately, British gurus are dominating the game. These are the top five bloggers leading the way in beauty trends.

Lisa Eldridge leads the way as being the most professional women on YouTube. Her list of celebrity clients includes mega stars like Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne, not to mention just about everyone in Hollywood. She’s worked with top-level luxury fashion brands such as Chanel, Dior and Gucci. Her work can be seen in mainstream publications like Vogue (British, Italian, Chinese and Japanese), Allure and Glamour. Formerly, creative director of the No. 7 beauty range for Boots, she is currently Global Creative Director of Lancome. Her beauty channel, which attracts over 1.2 million subscribers, features in-depth tutorials from basic makeup techniques to intricate editorial looks. Her latest project is her own book about the history of makeup, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, which was released in October. Check out her viral video, “Best & Worst Makeup Moments in History.

Pixiwoo was founded by sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman, who are both professional makeup artists. Both having a realm of experience in everything from fashion shows to editorial makeup, they created their channel together in 2008. The duo got their inspiration to become makeup artists from their aunt who was leading the industry in London, working with clients such as David Bowie and Princess Diana. The pair are most well known for their incredibly popular makeup brush line, Real Techniques. They launched the brushes in 2011 and are now sold in nearly every drugstore in the world, including Boots and Superdrug. They also run their own makeup academy, running five-day, intensive courses for beginners. Their YouTube channel, which has over 1.9 million subscribers, contains all sorts of extensive tutorials, featuring a look for just about every celebrity there is. Make sure to see their spot-on Guardians of the Galaxy inspired tutorials for Halloween.

Tanya Burr is more of a well-rounded YouTuber, dabbling in whatever her heart desires. With a focus in beauty, she began her channel in 2008 but has since posted about baking, lifestyle and fashion. Her mouth watering milk and white chocolate cookie recipe is on-par with even Mary Berry’s biscuits. Tanya is part of a large social web of YouTubers who often collaborate with each other, including her husband, vlogger Jim Chapman. Extending this web even further, Jim is the brother of Sam and Nic Chapman, making Tanya their sister-in-law. Tanya has a devote following, hosting 3.3 million subscribers on her channel. She released her own autobiographical book, Love Tanya, in January 2015. She also has her own cosmetics line sold at Superdrug, featuring makeup, false eyelashes and nail varnish. This month, she graced the cover of Glamour magazine.

Fleur DeForce is the perfect beauty blogger for the fashion obsessed. Her chic lookbooks always feature the latest trends in a mix of luxury fashion and high street. This blend is also apparent in her beauty videos, where she caters to 1.3 million subscribers. She is an expert in comparing high end beauty brands with affordable drugstore finds. Fleur has a knack for collaborations, even teaming up with Taylor Swift and Lily Aldridge. Fleur released her own lifestyle and beauty book, The Glam Guide, in February, 2015. She has her own line of false eyelashes with Eyelure and her own makeup line with Feel Unique. Her recent “Drugstore Week” series, is an amazing insight into the world of affordable makeup, including some impressive dupes for high end products.

We wouldn’t be talking about British bloggers without mentioning the YouTube giant, Zoella. Her channel boasts a monumental 9.4 million subscribers. While she does make videos about a wide range of topics, her beauty content is innovative, particularly in hair and makeup. She could win a title for most creative styling of braids on YouTube. There is no denying Zoe Sugg’s success. Her debut fiction novel, Girl Online, was the fastest selling book of 2014. Her beauty range at Superdrug features bath products, fragrance, and miscellaneous treats. Zoella even has her own wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s in London, which debuted in September, 2015.

These bloggers have made colossal strides for the beauty industry online. Their groundbreaking success has created a more accessible beauty culture like never before.

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