AR Tech Trends To Watch For…

What is AR? Augmented Reality is the next big tech trend that will become hyper intertwined into our daily lives. Virtual Reality is more like a pre-produced film that is expensive and is only valued at $30B *Dig-Capital 2015, whereas Augmented Reality is valued at $120B *Dig-Capital 2015. I envision when Google Glass becomes more mainstream almost everything from marketing to construction instructions will be converted into AR. The biggest application usages for AR include but not limited to; content, hardware and distribution, and software, platforms and delivery services. This will be the beginning of new partnerships in all industries, and creative new branding strategies. If you want to become a major player, this AR tech boom, is the time to invest. The most well known and up and coming companies include but not limited to; Oculus, Magic Leap, Daqri, LifePrint Photos, and Google Tango. Other notable smaller companies popping up using AR Include; Firstage, and Niantic. The future of AR is looking good, the only question is will you be apart of it?

Interesting AR Infographics below about the Industry:

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