Onboarding, retention, and the long term value of your new hire.

Let’s talk about candidate retention.

It is a common misconception that the recruiting process is over when a candidate accepts an offer. The extension of that process, retention, continues through their first day, and definitely past their 90 day mark. Thinking about how to provide a best-in-class candidate and employee experience benefits you as it does your next hire.

Spending months on a search to find the perfect fit for your team, only for them to call you two days before their start date to let you know they won’t be showing up isn’t fun. …

Elanden Book Review Series: “The Hands-Off Manager” Pt. 2

Be Neutral.

It sounds zen. It sounds new age. It sounds like you don’t have time for that and things don’t get done that way. You need pressure, panic, always flashier and shinier incentives to motivate your team! Something new and inventive and defining!

Very often these incentive plans, especially in high pressure environment like sales, feel like we’re being asked to do the impossible. And maybe we feel that way because it really just doesn’t make sense.

Using sheer force to rally the troops through the next quarter, to close the deal, to launch the product within your timeline constraints, takes more of you than the 40 hours it says you’ve given on paper. …

Elanden Book Review Series: “The Hands-Off Manager” Pt. 1

There’s a lot of management advice out there. A lot of it is great, much of it is conflicting. But only a few pieces of advice can really resonate with who you are as a person.

We believe that genuinely being who you are can coexist with who you need to be at work to perform well. It sounds like a best case, but unrealistic scenario. We’d like to change that perspective. Being who you are is not only realistic, but necessary, to succeed.

Speaking of necessary, let’s talk about what’s necessary to be an effective manager, while also maintaining your sanity. We’ve found a lot of very valuable and applicable advice in “The Hands-Off Manager” by Steve Chandler and Duane Black relative to this topic. In our Elanden Blog series, we’ll review some of the loudest, “wow, that makes sense” advice from this book and others. …



Lindsay and Nicole cover management, workplace culture, and how to keep yourself sane in today’s fast paced world.

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